Last year, I dressed as a barista to work. I wore the apron and everything. It was my first Halloween in my office, and I was led to believe that everyone would be dressed up. Nope. Just me.

This year, my friend, Karen, bought us all festive headbands. Mine has a bat. I also got to wear my skull tights that I only wear once a year. I couldn't find my tiara, so I couldn't be a beauty pageant winner--even though I had an awesome "diamond" necklace. And I thought about being the wife of Willie Wonka, but I didn't have time to stop and pick up a ringpop. So, I am the Bridesmaid of Frankenstein wearing a black lace dress and my skull tights and Avril Lavigne old-school eyeliner.

Tonight, I'm going to another costume party, and I'm really excited. I went to one several years ago that was HUGE. It was a tad bit overwhelming, and many of the costumes were a tad bit overwhelming to my comfort zone. This one is with a bunch of good friends and some semi-good friends that I hope I'll get to be better friends with tonight.

...and my costume...I just can't say it. It's nothing too over-the-top or secretive, but I have this thing about the element of surprise. I even shy away from when friends ask me what I'm going to wear on a day-to-day basis. Because then, I'll either have my outfit idea shot down before I've even given it a test drive, or they'll show up wearing the same thing, and I'll look unoriginal.

I don't plan on being super original tonight, but I just can't spill it on the internet yet. Sorry.

I have one costume party event this weekend, and I possibly might dress up for work. I'm not sure about my work outfit, but I have the other costume planned out.

I might need to starve myself the remainder of the week in order to fit into the costume, but sometimes, that's the price you have to pay. So far, my starving attempts haven't gone so well, especially since buying (and eating) Halloween candy seems to be my latest favorite pasttime.

This weekend, I must get to Chocolate Du Monde to try their pumpkin fudge. A few years ago, I wasn't that excited about pumpkin flavored items, now I think its the greatest thing since spiced bread (and that would be pumpkin spiced bread).

I've been in a soup mood lately. It could be the chill in the air that makes me want to warm my tummy with soup.

I bought some boxed soups (my co-worker said that should be in the same category as boxed wine), and I'm trying to figure out if they are a good thing or not. Today at work I heated up one of them, and it looked a bit neon but tasted okay.

My other alternative is making my own soup. It's a rather consuming task making your own soup. My kitchen seems to transform from semi-clean to disaster zone with each added ingredient.

I made a nice butternut squash bisque a couple of weeks ago, and then ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next few days--which is one downfall with making soup as a single lady--it multiples itself in the pot and you get too much!

Last week, I bought a small pumpkin in hopes of making pumpkin bisque. So far, that little pumpkin is still sitting pretty in my kitchen, and hasn't been sacrificed for the soup yet.

If you have a good pumpkin bisque recipe or other soupy ideas, please feel free to share!

I'm trying to revamp my closet. I tried to steal some ideas about belting and layering from my latest J.Crew catalog. I think I may have some ideas in place. But sometimes if you try to copy what is in a magazine, things can go a bit awry.

When I was in high school, I used to get the fall edition of Seventeen magazine and study the pages very carefully. I would try to shop for items that looked like what the models were wearing, and then I would put together my outfits.

My junior year, I came to school wearing a white Hanes t-shirt with the word "brain" very carefully sketched out with a Sharpie marker just like in the magazine. My friend, Tay, who is now a stylist to the stars, was one of my top teasers. He came to school soon after wearing a shirt that said, "potato." I can't remember if he used the Dan Quayle spelling or the traditional spelling.

The "brain" shirt kind of became a legend. I believe I tried to make some variations of it myself, but none could ever equal the popularity of the "brain" shirt.

No worries--my new outfits will consist mostly of belts, not Sharpied shirts.

I used to be good at mailing things. Of course, that was when I worked in a fileroom, and my job was going to the post office to mail company things. I could easily slide in my nieces and nephews birthday presents, and I knew all the online tricks for making mailing packages easier.

Now, I've graduated out of the fileroom, and going to the post office seems like a major inconvenience. Somehow, I can never make their office hours. Or my car just doesn't like to spend time there. It would rather be lounging at Target or Starbucks.

My niece, Marissa, had a birthday on Saturday. I had her present a few weeks ago. And I mailed

I reluctantly called my sister yesterday to confirm their home address since they recently moved. By calling her (since my mom didn't answer) that meant I couldn't blame the post office for my own tardiness.

"You haven't mailed it yet?!" she said in her best older-sister scolds younger-sister voice.

"No...I didn't know the address..." I said in an attempt to cover.

"Just bring it home for Thanksgiving," she said.

"No, I will mail it!" I said bravely, as some people would say, "I will climb that mountain!"

I usually order directly from a online retailer, and that helps me get the presents there a little more on time. But sometimes that feels impersonal. I always wonder if they really read those little typed messages that are supposed to be included with the package that are 150 words or less. Maybe each of them have all of those typed little messages saved in a shoebox with a heart made from construction paper gluesticked on the top. --An auntie can dream!

I Picniked this shot. Once you edit photos, it's hard to stop. I even have a photoshop application on my iphone. It's like taking a picture and then bedazzling it or something.

The picture above is from the Run to Cure HD 5K from last Saturday. My friend Kristin's family is on the committee for organizing it. I was very impressed with their organization skills. Those things don't just happen, but take a lot of planning.

The 5K raised about $100,000 for Huntington Disease research. Pretty awesome.

Kudos to the Thurmond family!

I had a brief shopping fantasy at Target. I kept seeing things that I wanted to buy, so I thought for a moment, what if I could just go shopping crazy and fill my cart to the brim like on that old Supermarket Sweep show? Then I thought about still just filling a cart up but not buying any of it--just to see what it would feel like to be able to put everything in my cart.

What I would have bought:
-a Wii
-the Disney Seven Dwarfs DVD Collector's Edition complete with stuffed Seven Dwarfs
-the shiny zebra flats
-the Ugg wannabees
-the oatmeal chunky sweat vest
-the khaki fedora with a red feather
-the glamour necklace
-five colors of lipgloss so I could find the perfect shade
-soft toilet paper
-the new Clorox wipes decorative box
-the plaid flat iron
-a case for an iphone
-the ipod clock radio on sale for $39.99
-the teeny polka dot bikini for $3.74 for each piece
-a black scarf
-fingerless mittens
-Luna mini bars
-a Rocker chair
...and that's with only about 15 minutes of exploring time.

What I did buy:
-iTunes gift card (hopefully the recipient does not read my blog)
-Lysol disinfecting wipes on sale $2.09
-an elephant for Mickey to eat after the eyes are removed
-some Orbit gum
-some Colorstay lipgloss that is too much the same color as my lips

I took little Mickey to the vet today. Let's just say she had some digestive issues beginning at 2 a.m. I am still alive because of coffee right now. We took a trip to the vet this morning, because neither Mickey nor I could survive another 2 a.m. digestive issue wake-up call.

I brought a "sample" in from this morning, because that's what the internet said to do. The vet said, "I only need a bit." ...but I had brought the whole baggie.

The vet loaded her up with some pills, a shot, and a medicine-filled syringe down the mouth. His nurse explained to me how to give the pills. She said that they tasted bad--even to humans. The other assistant looked at me and said, "What's wrong?"

I said, "Oh, is the dog doing something?"

He said, "No, you're making a face."

Sometimes I am a bit too expressive. I paused and suddenly realized, that indeed, I did have a look of horror upon my face. But I suppose I was just picturing trying to give her a pill every day.

The check-out lady at the vet re-explained the medicine and the special food. She said, "Make sure your wrap the pill in turkey or something."

Another customer with a great hick accent said, "I jes' put sum peeenut butter on 'et an 'et goes rite down!"

The check-out lady said, "Well, I'm not sure about peanut butter, because they need to swallow it..."

The customer again insisted, "Oh no! They can swallow that peeenut butter! It goes rite down."

I politely said, "Thanks so much for the tip." This lady wasn't giving up on her indoctrination of peanut butter pill swallowing for pets.

So, we'll see what method I can come up with. If all else fails, I'll stick it in the blender and sprinkle it on the food.

I had to get gas before I went to work this morning. I put in my debit card, punched in my PIN, followed the instructions, put in the unleaded fuel, and then went on my way. The man that was on the other side of my pump did the same. But he beat me to the stop light near the station.

I noticed his gas cover was flipped out on his car. I thought to myself, "I wonder if he knows his gas cover is flipped? I mean, hello, couldn't he see it sticking out?"

Then, as if I were telepathic, he opened up his car door and went to put it back, but not before waving a finger at me and my car.

My gas cover was also opened. And my gas cap was hanging. Go figure.

The office supply delivery man just came by the office.

"Are you having a good day?" I asked.

"No," he replied.

"Did your truck get hit or something?" I questioned.

"No," and then continued, "check out this."

He then scrolled through some pictures on his cell phone, and showed me a picture of the back of the truck which had boxes thrown every which way.

"Who packed your truck?" I asked.

He said matter-of-factly, "Stevie Wonder."

If I could have a job for a day, I'd like to try out being a delivery man (woman), but I hope Stevie wouldn't be packing my truck.

This is disgusting. Brace yourself if you click on it.

I, too, am having a toe issue. And I, too, have taken pictures of it. I was trying to see if I noticed any positive changes. But I will NOT post those pics on the internet. But I will blog about it.

I did find one toe that did look a bit like my condition, but some others grossed me out so bad, it took away my mid-afternoon snacking urge.

Last night was our first Young Life Club of the year. It's amazing how God brings kids from all directions our way.

Here some pics of the events from last night. We wrapped up the night pretty well.