It's important to breathe. For humans, it's vital. It's also important for sanity. Breathing helps oxygen get to the brain and extremities so all the body can work in unison.

I'm married. And I probably should have breathed more during the wedding, but sometimes life goes so fast, you forget it you were breathing or not.

We had a lovely, lovely wedding. Our main mission was accomplished: we got married. Our favorite part was driving away from the reception. At that point, it was like we both took a huge breath and said, "We're married!!"

Now, we are still taking moments to pause and breathe as Paul finishes up grad school, and we figure out how to create a home together.

We are blessed. So blessed. We thank God for the life He has given us. We thank Him for our union. And we thank him for giving us life and enabling us to breathe.