I've lived in Houston for many years now and figured out that there a few ways I've changed since I've been here. A few friends from my hometown county have journeyed down this way, so if anyone else decides to do the same, here's how you become a Houstonian.

1) I know what the loop is. And I try to stay in it.
2) I need a jacket for 60 degree weather--also, I also have an emergency cardigan.
3) I prefer corn tortillas for enchiladas; I only like flour for fajitas--and that is if they are homemade or prepared in the restaurant.
4) I don't watch the news because it's too scary.
5) I avoid Wal-Mart (for the same reason as above).
6) I don't pump gas at night.
7) Going to the super market is like an event.
8) Continuing with the statement above, I shop at HEB, but love, love, love Central Market.
9) I can move over seven lanes of traffic in one sweep and survive.
10) I have cowboy boots and treasure them.
11) My heart warms at the site of the skyline at night.
12) Crowds don't intimidate me, but lines annoy me.
13) I am a breakfast taco aficionado.
14) I can two-step.
15) I know the hand signs for all the major Texas universities.

I love to work out. I live very close to a YMCA, so I can just pop across the street and get my workout groove on. I normally use the same types of machines at the Y. I really like using the new elliptical/space machine (not the official name). But it makes my feet go a bit numb. I'm not sure why.  But it's a bit more challenging than your run-of-the-treadmill elliptical. And--it makes me feel like I'm running on the moon.

When I do a workout, I feel so much better. My body needs it. My body craves it. But sometimes, the busy bee and couch potato that live inside of me just refuse to work out. I wish I could get those two in gear! Then, I would be like Miss Universe or something.

The first time I had a wedding bouquet, I was about four years old. I think someone actually gave it to me during the reception. I'm not sure I really caught it, but I have a picture documenting it. I kept what was left of that bouquet for many years in my keepsake box.

When I finally reached the age of a wedding guest that was the legal age of marrying, the bouquet toss became an extremely embarrassing affair. I hoped that I would be in the bathroom during that time or anywhere but in arms reach of someone dragging me to the toss. All the single ladies were gathered as a spectacle for the rest of the group to watch. I hated the pose where the photographer would make us raise our hands in the air pretending to want it. I usually wound up hiding in the back just hoping the moment would pass so I could refill my punch.

At a certain point in my 20s, I decided that I would no longer fear the bouquet toss, but I would seize that bouquet every time. If I had to play the game, I was going to win. At one event, I was so eager to grab it, I made a fellow single lady bleed from my fingernail skimming her wrist. After that, I decided maybe fierce aggression at a wedding was not a good look.

I attended a wedding last weekend, and I got a bouquet again. It was pretty much by default. At our friend's wedding a few years ago, she and I have a picture together pretending to fight over the bouquet.

There wasn't an official toss, but the bride was kind enough to let me have the bouquet in a Mean-Joe-Green-Coke-Toss kind of fashion. It was a special catch--because I knew she'd been there like me many times. It felt like I was being handed the baton or something. I don't know if this means that I've had enough bouquets in my possession, I will finally get married, but whatever the case, it's a lovely bouquet and it's stayed fresh all week.

I like the concept of Groupon, but there seems to be a disconnect between me and it. Good deals are great, and I am drawn to them like a bug to a light. But I struggle with actually using the Groupon. Perhaps that is the purpose of the concept. It lets people envision that they will actually use all the services--and then they never have time to.

I bought a Zumba coupon, and I was determined to use it. I had to make sure that $20 was not wasted!

I've been to class a total of three times now. It's a bit interesting. The weirdest part is the Zumba facial expressions. The instructors looks a bit like they are on a Shakira video and the people participating look a bit like they are in shock. I try to block that part out and move whatever body part they tell me to move to the correct beat. Somehow, I leave sopping wet with sweat.

I love to move to music, so it does help me to move, but I am very afraid that someone is getting a secret Zumba video that is going viral and officemates are gathered around laughing--and I am the center of the video. It's probably not happening like that, but the possibility is always there.