I was going to hide it.

On Sunday afternoon, I snuck over to the nearest red box rental and scoped through the selections. There it was--the movie I had tried to avoid watching for its cheesiness...but nobody would have to know I watched it...that is, of course, unless I published the fact on the internet like I'm about to do!

Okay! Okay! I watched the second Twilight movie! And it wasn't too terribly bad, but I can't stop the spoofs that keep forming in my head. I also can't stop toying with some evaluations on the relationships displayed in the movie--which apparently is the whole purpose of romantic "literature" anyway.

[warning spoilers to follow]

Bella is faced with two suitors: a werewolf and a vampire. Boy, do I understand where this girl is coming from! I have been in her shoes too many times!

Basically, Bella must choose her true, deep, and first love of Edward, the vampire who broke up with her and left her in a deep depression, and the new love she found with Jacob, her friend turned love interest who also happens to have secretly completed the P90X workout because his abs ripple like the Colorado River.

It's a difficult decision. Both are striking creations of inner depth and outward beauty. But both have a dark side.

If Bella chooses Edward, she must die to life as a human, and I guess give her soul to the devil or evil--and become a vampire for eternity. If she chooses Jacob, she risks living with an angry wolfman that could rip her face off if his uncontrollable temper flares (it's a wolf thing). They both love her deeply. Her heart wants to choose both of them, but that is not an option.

A different choice that was not really pursued was a third gentlemen caller in the movie. I can't even remember his name, because the depth of his character was skimmed over. But I think he would be the best selection for Bella. I will call him "Movie Nerd" for lack of a better description.

Movie Nerd asked Bella on a date after he found out she and Edward were splitsville. When Movie Nerd went to meet Bella, she had brought Jacob along to be a third wheel. Bella insisted on watching a disgusting movie because she didn't want to think about romance since her heart was still broken over Edward. Movie Nerd was so grossed out by the movie, that he had to go throw up. Bella and Jacob laughed at him, and he left the movie feeling a bit like, well, a nerd.

As a 20 year veteran of the dating world, my advice to Bella is to go for the Movie Nerd! He has a lot going for him. For starters, he's human. He won't make you sell your soul to be with him, nor will he rip your face off if he gets irritated. Both of those are major selling points! Also, if he threw up at the gross movie, he might be sensitive. Another good thing that represents his human emotions.

I also thought it would be cool if the movie could have Jesus show up. Perhaps Movie Nerd could know Jesus! And then, Movie Nerd, although on the outside displaying weakness, would have the spirit of the Lord inside on him and he could call out those demons and send them where they belong! Because the power of Jesus far outweighs any mind reading or shape shifting that those imaginary powers of vampires and werewolves have.

Adios to Team Edward and Team Jacob, and hola, Team Jesus!

...and if Entertainment Tonight calls for more movie reviews, feel free to give them my number.

We had an amazing time. There were some difficult things--like the hike up the mountain that seemed to never end--but it was an amazing time.

This was probably one of my favorite trips to camp. And it could have been because on the ropes course, I finally caught the hanging bar on my leap off the platform (it's usually my tradition to miss it). It seemed like a miracle. But beyond the physical miracles that I may have experienced, the spiritual miracles are the ones that take my breath away.

It is a huge blessing to see teenagers awaking to the love of Christ. Thank you, Jesus.

For some reason, I pretended I am a travel agent, and I booked myself a
bizarre travel schedule. I'm visiting family, going to camp, and
hitching rides. This morning, I brought out my prayer journal and
presented my requests to God for His wisdom and direction in all those
steps and leaps and bounds.

I'm so excited to go to Colorado and feel small. There's something about viewing big scenery that makes me ooh and ahh at the wonder of God's creation. I can visualize his finger tip molding the mountains ever so delicately almost like needle gliding over the
ridges of an LP...and with that same touch, he made me. Little,itty, bitty, Beth. I love him so.

Thank you, God, for forming me with red hair and skin that doesn't tan
(forgive me when I whine or spray my body colors trying to overcome my
lack of melanin). Thank you for fashioning my own fingerprints--and for also fashioning my soul. You are an amazing God.