After many months of searching online and visits and looking at Craigslist for a possible match, I made a commitment. I got a dog.

Her pound name was Cookie, and the first night I had her at my house, I kept having anxious dreams about how I would find the dog the next morning. It was like Wayne's World with the alternate endings. In one of the dreams, after finding the house a mess, I had called the dog, Mickey, so I felt that somewhere in my subconscious that this should be the dog's name. I figured it sounded enough like Cookie to hopefully not confuse her too badly. So now I have a dog named Mickey (no relation to the mouse).

When I went to look at dogs on Sunday at the Highland Village Weekend Adoption Center, I was a bit sad, because I had just found out my nieces' amazing dog, Sparky, had been killed by a car. So perhaps my heart was a bit more tender that day. Whatever the case, this dog was the first one that I had seen that looked healthy and when I went up to the crate, she moved her head to be petted and licked my hand. She also learned the word stop pretty quickly, so before I knew what was happening, I had a dog! And then I was at PetSmart buying a crate and food and dog bones.

Yesterday was our first visit to the vet, and Mickey had a great time. She really loves people. Her guard dog skills are pretty much null. The vet also told me that instead of being about two like the adoption place said, she's closer to eight months to a year.

We've been trying to get dog walking down, and I keep telling her that I am the Alpha Dog, but she still pulls a lot. We're working on it. Now that I know she has puppy power still, I feel a little more hopeful about my dog training techniques.

If you are looking for a visit from a dog to cheer you up, let me know, and I'll let you meet her. But be prepared for lots of doggie love! She's a lover not a fighter.

It's been a hard week at my job. My co-worker, David, was 24, and killed in a freak one-car accident on Friday. I love going to my job, but for once, sometimes it's hard to get there. Once I'm there things get more normal, but then for some reason, it's hard to leave work, too, because then my guard is let down, and I feel sad again. Please pray for David's family and his friends.

I keep seeing his great smile and remember his expressions. He used try to not laugh when he would be funny, but then the smile would explode on his face. It was great.

One day, he was having a hard time at work. He and I were meeting about his career and future steps. I felt bad for him being so young and trying to get where he wanted to be, but sometimes having obstacles (like the economy) which were greater than himself. So being the spontaneous me I am, I said, "I'm sorry, but I want to give you a hug."

He said uncomfortably and freaked out by me and my spontaneous hugging issue, "Uh, I'm okay. I don't need a hug."

And me, being me, said, "I'm giving you one anyway. Just don't tell HR."

Even though it was not my professionalism best and the fourth grade teacher coming out in me, I'm glad I gave him that hug. And I'm glad he took it.

Even though Charlie Brown says grief is good, it's actually a bit hard.

A new Chuy's is coming to town. I'm excited! It's close enough where I can go there for lunch. Bring on the baja tacos!!

Happy Little Trees is happy to report that the trees in Colorado are very happy! (except for the ones being attacked by a nasty little beetle!)

Everyday we were amazed because we felt like we were living in a postcard. It's so amazing to be wowed so much by God's creation. I tried to soak it up as much as possible. I took pictures like a Japanese tourists because I didn't want to forget a single pine needle or wildflower.

We had an amazing time at camp. The kids were awesome. The camp was awesome. God, of course, is awesome. I was very blessed with the time at Crooked Creek. So blessed.