I don't have cable. I'm not home enough to really soak up the cost of having cable television on a full time basis. But, I did invest in a small Roku box last year that enables me to stream the internet through my television. I've purchased Netflix (which I will probably cancel very soon) and Hulu Plus. I use Hulu Plus the most. It's basically like having a DVR of sorts. I can watch shows that have already been aired anytime I want.

But the bad part of this, is that I have become a t.v. junkie. I also have both of these methods on my iPhone as well. So t.v. is available to me at anytime.

I've always been drawn to the t.v. But before I had the Roku, I would just wind up addicted to reruns of Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond, so maybe it's not as bad as I think it is. [CLASSIC DENIAL]

If you are looking for some shows to explore to waste time, I've included my reviews of the shows of which I'm most addicted. I do not have any reality shows in the mix, because by watching these shows, I'm supporting actors and writers and not reality television. I don't want to watch real life. If I'm going to entertained, I need a good story--not clever editing! (I'm a t.v. purist.)

Modern Family
This show makes me laugh. I love the craziness of the situations. My favorite character is Phil Dunphy. He has such a great heart, but he's an odd bird. It makes for a great combination. "What's the plan, Phil?!"

Parks and Recreation
This show didn't interest me until I was prompted by family members who told me it was funny. I think it's a great idea for a show--because who would think to have a show about a Parks department? And it's based in Indiana! Not many hit T.V. shows go for those themes. But this works.

Arrested Development

I tried to watch this show a few years ago, and I thought it was boring. I couldn't catch the humor. The colors of the set seemed blah and I didn't know why everyone else liked this show so much. So, via Hulu Plus, and also prompted by the recent announcement of a possible movie, I watched the first episode. I am now working my way through the seasons, and I'm hooked (no offense to Buster!).

Once Upon a Time

I was in a friend's home and a commericial for this show appeared on t.v. and my friends started buzzing about the latest episode. It's from the creators of Lost. I thought the plot sounded ridiculous--two worlds are crossed: fairytale world and modern day Storybrook. But I love this show. The acting and writing are so-so, but the scenery of the fairytale land is beautiful. It's made me think about how we, as humans, have a spiritual world around us that is very real, but we never see. And how we are more than what we appear to be--anyway, maybe I'm reading too much into that show! Whatever the case, I like it.