Four year olds are some of my favorite people. They are full of imagination and vocabulary which creates interesting dialogue. And the best part is, they can be so cute.

Queen Victoria is now the sweet age of four. On Mother's Day, she and I reflected back on her birth.

Me: I remember that we waited and waited forever for you to be born.

Victoria: (while swinging) Oh, yes, I was living in my mommy's heart and my daddy's heart.

Me: (watching her swing) Uh...yes.

Victoria: (continuing to swing) Yes, I was just a twinkle in my mommy's eye!

I could see this birth story was beyond me. She had it all figured out.

At the beginning of the week, I had the verse "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" at the forefront of my mind. It must be a key verse for the world this week, because I keep seeing it pop up.

I've also been reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan and came across a passage about this: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." [Jeremiah 1:5]

Wow. Victoria really does have it figured out. A four year old has a much better grasp than me of what it's like to know that you were known even before you were born.

I pray she knows for all her days that she was a twinkle in God's eye and in His heart. And that I would one day be able to recount so easily God's knowledge of me.

I heard about this website via a friend, and if you are a decorating junkie, you just might love it. Click here.

Central Market has a new theme this month. It's all about France . I stopped by the market today to pick up some lunch to-go, and I was lured by all the French offerings.

There were special labels of all products from France. I forgot to check the French fries, but there were other cool products like yogurts, butters, cheeses...all my favorite high-cal French ambassadors.

On the way out, I grabbed some pre-made crepes with chicken. And I also got a quiche. Maybe it's all those years of high school French and my three day tour of France, but I cannot say crepes like an American anymore (crapes -- like grapes). I must say, "creptz." I feel like a weirdo when I say it, but I can't help it!

So, my desire to retour the land across the pond might not be a reality any time soon, but all the parts of France I love are pretty much at my back door now, without all the "fume."

Joie de vivre!

I love food. My father loved food. My mother loves food. It's in my genes (or overflows from my jeans--hee-hee!).

Here's some food that I love from places I love:

1) Old Hickory Bar-B-Que - I know that I've blogged about this before--but you really need to go visit Owensboro, Kentucky, (the birthplace of myself and Johnny Depp) and try a chopped mutton sandwich. Also, get some burgoo. It is sweet, savory, with just enough pepper. I love this stuff! But I'm glad I only partake in it on visits home--otherwise, I would need a coronary bypass since I'm past 35.

2) Lupe Tortilla's - Houston has amazing fajitas all around--each place has something that makes it special. Lupe's offers an amazingly delicious marinated fajita beef. Soooooo good! It's always sad when the skillet is empty and my belly is full, because I want to relive the moment again!

3) Onion Creek - For some reason, I'm addicted to their hummus wrap. I love hummus. And this wrap hides in vegetables that I eat without even realizing it! It is dee-lish and makes me think I'm healthy.

4) Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria - Speaking of hummus, Barley's in Asheville has some awesome black bean hummus. This was probably the first hummus I ever ate. I love their pizza slices and the hummus is always great to share.

5) Laughing Seed Cafe - This is another Asheville spot I miss. I absolutely loved the Low Country Roll-Ups from the Laughing Seed. It's basically like Sloppy Joe tofu in a whole wheat wrap--this was the first time I ever knew that tofu could taste like something else besides styrofoam.

6) Catalina Coffee - You will find a beautiful latte. I searched for a pretty latte all over Houston and this place has excellent coffee and will make you a pretty latte.

7) Niko Nikos - Since I've been in Houston, I've seen this restaurant expand (and possibly myself). It is one delicious place. I can eat a gyro, a chicken barbeque pita, a chicken parmesan pita, or pretty much anything I want. But my deepest love for this place is the fact is has an amazing lemon chicken soup (avgolemono). It is what I want the most when I feel sick. The lemon is healing. The chicken broth hot. And it is the comfort of all comfort foods when you have a cold. It's a beautiful thing.