As a tweenager and beyond, I have been known to be a name-brand snob to my family. My family didn't see the purpose in sporting brands, but they have let me basque in my addiction throughout the years.

The other day I discovered some shoes that are very similar to some shoes I have been eyeing. I've wanted these shoes for quite awhile--and partially due to the brand. The thought swept over me that if I was still a teenager, I could see my mom bringing me the similar shoes home and not the namebrand.

While in DSW, I noticed that Skechers has come out with some fabric loafers called "Bobs." If you buy a pair of BOBS, a pair of shoes is donated to a needy child. I have my doubts that Skechers came up with this idea completely out of the goodness of their corporate hearts--it might have something to do with a profit margin.

Whatever the case, I eventually would like to buy the original TOMS. Even if in addition to the goodness of my own heart, I want to buy them because the business creator is very cute.

Tweenagers, if you mother happens to buy you BOBS, and not TOMS, show her some grace. She will buy you BOBS and/or TOMS, because she loves you. And right now, she's probably also paying your BILLS.

My birthday has come and gone. My mascara only got a bit smudged once, and it was from thinking about the many blessings I have received from God. It's hard to believe that I have lived so many years on Earth, but this is all I've ever known, so it seems long and short at the same time.

As you age, you do start to ponder the afterlife. I believe in heaven, and it seems strange having what seems like a dream drawing closer to my reality. Maybe it's morbid that as I celebrate my birth, I am pondering my death, but the two are definitely more linked than peanut butter and jelly.

My sister has said that she thinks we're in a womb of sorts now. And just like those little babies cooking in a womb have no idea what is outside of their reality, heaven is waiting for us.

I heard a sermon once about how in the US we don't preach on heaven much because our current living situation isn't always so bad. In third world countries, heaven is basically the center of most sermons--because the current situation is not good. As I age, I do long for heaven more.

I remember as my granny aged one reason she longed for heaven was because the scorecard of who she knew and loved was getting higher in heaven than in the earth below. Not to say that Granny wanted to go to heaven a day too soon. Granny sucked the marrow of life out of life. I am so grateful for all her days because she taught me to love life every day that God provides air to breathe and the heart to pump.

Please note that some of the above stories have already been told on this blog, but due to being an older age, I am more likely to repeat stories--and not always accurately or in the same manner.

I'm walking for babies! My company is doing a March for Babies Walk on May 1st.

I remember very clearly when my family was praying around the clock for my sweet niece, Marissa, who was born at 3lb 9oz as an early birdy baby. She was so fragile. Now she's all grown up at 14 and has grown taller than her "small grown-up" auntie! Babies are miracles.

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My brain has been working some Apple product figures.

If I buy an iPad 2, my desire to upgrade my iPhone 3GS wouldn't be as great. But, if I got the iPad 2, and then my phone decided to break, I would be phoneless...and I really love having an iPhone, so I would foot the bill for a new one.

Here are the numbers:

-cost of iPad 2 - $399
-cost of iPhone upgrade - $199

The real reason I want an iPad 2 is so I can play with Garage Band and iMovie, so my techie work friends said I should just get a MacBook.

Here are the numbers:

-cost of MacBook - $999

I could get all of the Mac stuff and spend $1597. That's a lot of money. Mac stuff is fun, but I'd rather go to Europe or pay off loans. All that Mac stuff will be outdated in a year. In ten years, it will be in a drawer.

Everyone that has a Mac says, " have to get one..." It's a spell. A Mac spell. Take one bite of the apple, and your eyes will see differently. *HELP!*

Over the weekend, a few friends and I came to the conclusion that the iPad could possibly be making our society more like the humans portrayed on the movie Wall-E. I believe the characters even had a version of facetime.

The more I become focused on a screen, the less I am aware of my surroundings...just like in the movie.

Now I am scared.

But I still would like the iPad one day.


I ran a mile yesterday. It's a bit of a non-event when you have run much longer distances. It was also a bit disheartening that the time it took to complete the mile was two and a half minutes slower than my past times. In summary, I'm running slower and shorter distances--which isn't a gain. On the otherhand, there was a gain since I didn't have any IT band pain before or after the run. That is a huge blessing.

I'm still trying to determine if I will be fit enough to compete in the AidSudan 5K on April 9th. The first year that the 5K was held, I won a 1st place award for my age group. Since that time, I haven't been able to regain my title. Of course, the number of participants have increased, but it would be kind of cool to win again instead of having to keep dusting off my old award.

During half-marathon training, I bought some Saucony shoes that seemed to have the characteristcs I needed, but when I started running with them, I felt like my shins were hurting. That meant, I had to try to buy some Asics that closely matched the discontinued pair that had been my old-faithfuls. Now, I wonder if the Asics attributed to my IT band pain. Oh, the drama of running! Who is the culprit of pain?!

I follow a gentleman on Twitter that ran 31 miles on his 31st birthday. Perhaps on my birthday, I will do something similar, even though running 25 miles will be difficult. (hee hee!)

Starbucks is turning 40. Like most 40 year olds, they have had a crisis about how they look, so they revamped their label. I like the old one better. There is a lot of chatter about the old vs. the new. I think the old one looks cozier--the new one looks a bit sterile.

I'm going to pretend like they are having a mid-life crisis, wake-up, and realize that they really don't need a corvette, gold chains, or convince us of their physical fitness. We like them just the way they are...or were.

To celebrate their birthday, they have also introduced little petite treats. I could be a fan of these. The cake pop idea that I've seen on their website looks de-vine. And, because these treats are small, that means the cost should be small, as well as the calorie content--or compared to the larger selection. For today through Saturday, a petite treat is free with the purchase of a drink from 2 - 5 pm. I may have to follow up with them on this offer.

My own birthday is this month. I will be turning...well, not 40. I have not yet decided to have a mid-life crisis. I hope to live until...I dunno. My great aunt is turning 90, and now 90 is seeming very young.

I am glad that God is in charge of expirations.

Something happens when I drink a Starbucks. It's a rush. A burst of energy! A new lease on life...

I was tempted to share thoughts that were coming in my head within a three-minute time span, as I was experiencing the height of the Starbucks effect, but I held back. Instead, I jotted them on a post-it to share at a later date.

Without further ado, I present to you, my crazy Starbucks thoughts:

-It's cool when I sing outloud.
-Look! My apple charger looks like a tail!
-I need to watch Avatar again.
-OMG, I have on the same outfit as that stranger--and I wore it better!

Then, post-Starbucks reality hits, and I realize, life probably is much smoother when I keep my lips sealed.