I twisted my knee on the treadmill yesterday. It was immediately after praying God would guide me through my training. Perhaps God knew I was on the verge of getting psycho about trying to ensure I was 10K ready.

I am still going to the Hot Chocolate 10K, but now my focus will be more on the Hot Chocolate, but less on the 10K.

Bum. Mer. :(

But I am so excited to see my Asheville peeps! This might just call for a new winter hat!

So many things can go wrong when I run. I can get dehydrated or I can over hydrate and have a swishing belly full of water. I can eat too little and feel faint, or eat too much and have stomach cramps. I can over run and stress out my muscles. I can under run and not be prepared for long distances. It's a delicate balance with much room for error.

I've been running off and on for several years now. But I have still not mastered it. Running has to be consistent. You can work up to a good mileage--and after a week off, be at square one again--which pretty much sums up my running career.

In about three weeks, I will be running possibly my last race beyond a 5K. I'm doing a 10K in the sweet city of Asheville, NC. I'm running to be with my friend, Peggy, who went through chemo this past year for ovarian cancer. She and her family have always been sweet inpirations for me--including their amazing running abilities. Peggy has a few years on me, but I know she will still leave me in the dust. My goal is to make her not wait for me too long at the finish line.

Even though running is a tough chore for me, sometimes I do enjoy it. I do feel pretty cleansed after good runs which could be because every pore of my body released about a tablespoon of sweat. (I'm not a pretty runner.)

If you have made a New Year's Resolution this year to run a bit and need some running "not-to-do" tips, let me know. I have stories which range from passing out in a stranger's yard to tips for why you should not wear anything but black shorts for finish line pictures. I also can give a very moving speech about protecting your toenails.

Happy New Year!
and Happy Trails!