I listen to many people talk. Some are monotone. Some talk fast. Some talk slow. And some speak with much inflection.

Maybe it's from my years in the theater (okay! I'm counting high school drama club), but I try to make sure that when I speak in front of a group, it's clear speech with some inflection for emphasis. I can do all those things just fine and speak with expression (and even fun accents), but what I really wish I had was a more interesting voice.

When you hear someone's voice, it instantly sets off synapses in your mind and you quickly form an image and ideas. I wish I had a very recognizable voice like that--a voice of emphasis and strength.

Perhaps I really just want Maya Angelou's voice. I can't remember the first time I heard it--maybe in a class at school listening to a recording of one of her poems--but I will never forget her voice.

As I write this, I'm trying to scheme a way I could have a voice like that. All summer I could practice speaking like the dear, late Maya Angelou. It might make people laugh instead of making me sound more dignified. I could never reach that depth and would just wind up sounding silly.

But I still may practice.