I have a new nephew. A GREAT nephew! Eeeck!! How old am I? Well, I will say, that my brother (the grandfather) had children young, and my niece (the mother) is also young, so maybe I'm not that old. They're young. I'm just medium. (That makes me feel better.)

When I was in high school, I deemed myself "Beth the Great." I don't know why, but I would frequently sign my name as such. I made have taken it from the Judy Blume book, Sheila the Great. But now, I really am a "great." 

I love being an aunt. I became an aunt for the first time at age 15, and it forever changed my life. I fell in love immediately with each niece and nephew that God brought into my life via my brother and sister. They are full of fun and any time I spend with them, I try to soak it up.

I love the people they are growing to be. It's funny to see bits of my smile or haircolor or silliness in them. And it's even sweeter to see bits of God overflowing in them as they love those around them and figure out their places in this world.

I haven't got to meet the new baby, my great nephew, in person, but via social media he is becoming known in the world. He must know that the competition on social media sites for baby pics is pretty competitive these days, so he's already taken up smiling! He was doing this before he is a week old. He is already advanced. (pic below courtesy of a family member via Facebook)

Dear Baby Finn,
I pray that you grow wise and strong. I pray you would have a blessed childhood and that the smile sneaking up on your face would be a precursor to the joy in your heart that will be with your all the days of your life. Remember that the joy of the Lord is your strength! Seek the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind.
I welcome you, Baby Finn, to our family! We are a funny group that love God, life, friends, and each other with great fervor!
Great Aunt Beth