I moved! Basically just a few miles down the road, but it's a pretty big life change for me.

I am very blessed to have had many helping hands throughout the process. I even basically had my own project manager directing traffic and keeping me on task! It was a hard and exhausting weekend, but good.

This was probably the most "grown-up" move I've ever had. I hired movers and had real furniture (okay, "real" from IKEA). I used to just move in the back of my Jeep.

All that I have left to unpack are some random items and some glasses. Nothing was broken in the process. Miracle!

The new place is one level and very open. The only door is on the bathroom. The old place had multi-levels and defined rooms. My body is so confused. I no longer go up and down stairs looking for things, but I do more of a wandering-type motion.

It feels quieter, too. In the old place, I basically spent every morning in the bathroom along with my neighbors. I often wondered if I should answer them back when I heard them talking. And I woke up throughout the night with their toddler. So far, it's pretty quiet in the new place. I'm finding myself on high alert for signs of noise.

I'll be missing my Whole Foods boyfriend and my gangsta barista on the other side of town, but I know that the new side of town will bring new friends and some familiar friends as neighbors. I do feel a bit like a new kid on the block.

[note: For address information, unless we are on a Christmas card basis, or I owe you money...that info will stay unpublished. HELLO! Stranger danger!!]