Summer is coming. Even though I am far away from the school system, I still feel affected by the freedom of summer. I don't have too many definite plans this summer except for Young Life camp, but I might throw some other possibilities into the mix just for fun.

I had a dear friend who lost her husband this past spring, and she mentioned to me that she might put together a backpacking trip in California. The thought of spending time with my dear friend in such amazing surroundings made my heart leap. I haven't had my heart leap at a trip in a long time.

I used to argue with my best friend over the phone on whether I would be a city person or a country person when I grew up. He always insisted I would live in the city. And I would argue back that I would live in the country. Due to my current circumstances, I am glad we didn't place a bet on that argument.

It's kind of a war that still goes on within my inner self--wanting to be where the action is and people and places---and then wanting to be where I can here the grass and leaves rustle when the wind sneaks by. So, as a bonafide city girl in my present circumstances, I relish retreats to places where God's creation is more evident than man's. It refreshes me to realize that God made those amazing things--and little me, as well. He's big and the CREATOR. And can do amazing things.

In conclusion of my thoughts on my summer plans since I did get slightly off-topic as usual, I am looking forward to:

-Lemonade (from my new favorite place Tiny Boxwoods--crisp! with a hint of mint!)
-a possible visit from my sister and her family (I tried to lure them with the Y's pool)
-a trip to California either with Peggy and/or Leslee to view something beautiful and document it Ansel Adams style
-Seeing alligators at Brazos Bend--if I live in Gatorland, I may as well embrace them!
-Running and making sure I am in good enough shape to sign up for any little 5K I feel like.
-Cooking Class--I've been putting that off way too long.
-Painting my toenails--after a brief period of abscence (I suppose to the market), my toenail is back in action so I'm showing it off painting them in fancy colors.


One of my favorite things to do in Kentucky was to get out and walk and explore back roads and the woods. Sometimes, I would come across a deer eating in a field or catch some other creature just living life. Those memories are precious and peaceful snapshots in my mind. It's a neat feeling being a witness to something in its natural habitat.

Last night, I walked around the dead-end block near my home, and happened upon a mystical creature in its natural habitat--a man in his man cave. I heard music from a guitar, but didn't know where it was flowing from at first. Then, I saw garage doors opened letting light flood the street, and positioned near the table saw, behind the Accord and the Minivan, was the man of the house and his make-shift man cave. He was strumming his guitar playing no song in particular. No kids or wife were in sight. I glanced and smiled to myself, but paid careful attention not to disturb his peace. And kept the event as another snapshot in my mind.

I refuse to spend money on cable. I got cable a year or so ago when my mom came to visit because she has an addiction to HGTV. It was a three month special, and then the price jumped up to over $50 a month. Forget that.

I sometimes pretend I'm more of a reader than a watcher, but then I have to get back to reality that sometimes I do just want to be a couch potato and curl up with a blankie and a movie. I'm been researching some alternatives, and my main favorite option is utilizing Netflix to stream movies.

The Netflix option will require some money being spent which makes my pocketbook say, "ouch." I find it bizarre in the budget that lives in my mind that I can easily spend and justify $80 for shoes, but it is painful spending that much money on electronic equipment. Althought those moments do help to secure me in my womanhood.

I don't have any of the equipment necessary for streaming the movies right now. I do have home internet, but I don't have a wireless router ($50-$70). Before I move forward with additional options, I have to have the wireless router as my starting block.

From that point, I have additional choices:
-Buy a Wii ($199, which I've wanted to buy anyway)
-Buy HDTV with internet apps ($250, I can settle for a 22", I don't need a movie screen)
-Buy a Roku device ($79.99, the most cost effective option, but maybe not the most fun)

This is what is swirling through my brain at the minute. The least amount I would spend (wireless router + Roku) would be about $130. To help my brain and my pocketbook to communicate, I have to translate that amount with some fancy figures (see below).

Wireless Router + Roku = $130
Ralph Lauren Shoes + belt = $130
Leather bag + 3 lipglosses = $130
Perfume + lip plumper = $130
D'Marco's meal + Target dress + Target sweater = $130
Sports bra + new running shoes = $130

...Decisions. Decisions.

Last week, my eyelids flaked off. Gross, yes, and do I know why? No.

I am a pro-makeup woman. I like to be easy, breezy, and beautiful. One of my concerns is that my flakey eyelids might have been due to eyeshadow. I bought some new make-up, but I haven't tried eyeshadow again. I need to be bold and just do it, but I also am in fear that my eyelids will swell, turn red, and then get flakey--which is neither easy, breezy, nor beautiful.

If you have any tips, advice, or connections, please let me know.

Today makes two years at my current company. My "career path" has been a bit crazy, but I'm happy where I landed. I don't think it really matters much what I'm doing, as long as I'm able to afford food, shelter, clothing, and shoes, and having good conversations (only during breaks of course) with those around me.

I love people, and I have a tendency to maybe dig too deep into their lives--like I did a few weeks ago as I asked Dr. Oz's wife her age, how she met Mehmet, and probably something else that I wished I had filtered. Saying that, I just want to reiterate, connections with people are my thing. It's partly a family trait and partly a hobby. I am completely a sanguine.

Now I'm bored, so I'll be done typing (sorry, it's the sanguine talking).