Paul and I are on a new schedule with the start of school. It involves going to bed early (bleh) and waking up even earlier (double-bleh).

We've been reading up on ways to get sleepy. So, we've adopted the practice of trying to reduce staring into screens checking up on last minute status posts. We've tried to shut off the t.v. an hour or so before sleeping. We're drinking warm milk. We're reading before bed. And we're taking melatonin.

I've only sampled it a few times, and it makes me feel a tad groggy. The worst thing is when you still have insomnia after taking one of those things. Not fun.

I wish I could be a natural early-to-bed/early-to-rise person, but my preferred method of living is the life of a night owl. I get energy at night to watch old reruns on t.v. and start weird projects. Late night snack foods can be the most fun meal of the day!

But, I digress. I thought I was out of the early wake-up business when I left teaching, but the school system and its early bird demands has found its way back into my life. It's not a bad trade-off to have a sweet and dear husband, but the summer was an oh-so-sweet time for us! We miss it!

So, for the next 173 instructional days, we'll be sampling melatonin and doing a slow fade into the land of Sleepytown.


I come up with a new exercise and eating plan about once a month. Maybe it's from reading too many health and fitness magazine, because every month, they offer a new plan that will really work this time! If I stuck with
one plan for longer than about a week, it might actually work. But my theory is if I combine them all, then maybe I will get some amazing combined result. Nevertheless, it's not really working.

My latest plan involves writing down my food into a little tiny green Moleskine journal. I love those little journals. I figured the journal would really inspire me. It was really a good plan for about three days, then I lost the journal. I continue to refind it, then lose it again.

Another part of my plan is lifting weights. A friend of mine has jumped into fitness full force and is now going to be competing in a fitness contest. She is lifting weights for an hour and doing cardio for 30 minutes.

Since I will be hitting 4-0 (gulp!) in the springtime, I have decided that I will do 40 minutes of weightlifting. I'm not planning on doing any contest, but I would like to fit into last year's shorts.

Usually what happens is I finally let cupcakes and cookies win. After that, I realize that even when I thought I was in bad shape while working out, I am in reallllllly bad shape if I give up all together. So, then I start the process again. I bet when I hit 40 I am going to have all this workout drama settled. Perhaps I need the Moleskine with the pocket in the back. That will help.

Yesterday, Robin Williams' passing hit the news. And then it spread a wave of memories and sadness and ache all over the country.

Being on the watcher side of movie world makes you feel like you have a connection with actors. You feel like they are your friends. They've made you feel something heavy or light--whatever the case--the best actors have created a connection between themselves and you through the media of movies.

We quote their lines. We act out their scenes. We relate situations expressed in the movie to ourselves.

But when one of them passes away from a tragic death, we realize that maybe we didn't quite know that person at all. We forget they had bad days or struggles. We forget they are flesh and blood, just like us.

I grieve for the real Mr. Williams, the one with family and friends that knew and loved him. And I grieve for those like me--those of us that quote his lines and act out his scenes and had a connection with his movies.

On behalf of "me," I will treasure what was. Thanks for Mr. Williams for adding laughter and points to ponder to my childhood, teen years, and beyond.  I will miss his rapidly thinking mind and uncanny comedic actions. I thank him for the many movies that made me laugh.

To those of us who remain, carpe diem. God has plans beyond what we can see or know. Trust Him. No matter what your eyes see or your hearts feels, don't give up hope. Ever.