In high school, I called myself Beth the Great. I'm not sure why. Perhaps I mixed a World Civilization lesson with my old teenage self-absorption.

But on this eve of the eve of Thanksgiving, I pronounce myself, Beth the Grate-ful!

It's easy to focus on the have-nots of the world. As humans, we're more likely to be looking at the greener grass or what is missing instead of the abundance we have.

I am grateful.
I am grateful for the love of Jesus Christ in my heart that gives me a peace that passes all understanding.
I am grateful I know there is life beyond this life.
I am grateful for those that love me.
I am grateful for those that let me love them.
I am grateful for laughter.
I am grateful for the beauty of God's creation.
I am grateful for breathing and living this day!

My prayer is to stay grateful! I pray not to let grumpiness get in my gizzard (I really don't know what that means, but it seemed like a Thanksgiving saying). I pray to see things in the right perspective under the microscope of Christ, rather than one I've fashioned myself.