Thing I Miss about Old School Christmases:

1) Granny's chocolate covered peanut butter balls
2) The antique angel on top of mom's tree (we won't tell about its demise)
3) Christmas records
4) Our homemade stockings
5) Santa letters
6) Candycane stickers to track my good behavior (which I would give up doing by Dec. 12th)
7) Cotton ball santa beards glued to construction paper
8) Drawing triangulated Christmas trees
9) Snow
10) Trying to figure out what was in the package while it rested under the tree

Dear Santa,

I'm getting gray hair, Santa. I know, I know! I should not be telling this to you, of all people! But I wanted to let you know that my red hair is sprouting some crazy grays. Most of them are resemblant of Albert Einstein. He was a fine fellow, but it is pretty well known that his hairstyle was not envied. Can you please give me some advice?

I've been trying some wash-out glazes, but I've been getting opinions from the Peanut Gallery. Within the same week, I was told my hair had gotten both lighter and darker. I
forgot what shade of red I am. I am really having a hair-dentity crisis.

Please leave some bottles of the what I should try under the tree. I'd like to keep my hair red, and not experiment to the point it turns green--even though both represent Christmas colors. Hair products are very expensive, so whatever you bring, I will be most appreciative.

Oh. Also, as usual, I've been very good. If you hear any differently, please send me any complaints in a written email to the address you have on file.

Much love and Merry Christmas!