It's a bit odd that I have to take sabbaticals from social media, but I do. For this sabbatical, I started with removing Facebook and Twitter from my iPhone. Before the sabbatical, I had almost developed a "media twitch" when I didn't check one media outlet for a few hours.

I also noticed that for days after decided not to Twitter for awhile, I was still thinking of clever statement that were 120 character or less. I would find myself having moments of "Oh! Oh! This is something I need to tell the world!"...but then the feeling would pass.

I miss not keeping up with Matt Chandler's progress through his chemo treatments, and I miss not knowing what strange website Alyssa Milano is promoting, but it's good to start having thoughts beyond 120 characters again.

As I write this, I'm reminded that some casual web surfers of the internet might not be that familar with Twitter. And have wondered what in the world is going on with Twitter.

In layman's terms, Twitter is a mini-blog. Twitter can hosts links to websites or pictures. It's been utilized by many of Hollywood's finest to help keep buzz going on their personal lives and thoughts. For general folks, I suppose we do the same, but it's just not usually published in magazines or announced on T.V.

Cupcake, cupcake, you are so sweet.
You are probably not the best breakfast treat.

I love to see you iced on top.
When I take a bite, I can't stop.

You're covered in a paper wrapper.
It makes you look very dapper.

Cupcake, cupcake, you are too sweet.
You are delightful and fun to eat.


If one would look into my closet, one would see some "new" items. I haven't been shopping, but I have been the recipient of some choice hand-me-downs. What can I say? I have generous friends! They've blessed me with some cool Anthropologie duds, some fancy leather purses, highfalutin high-heels, and lots of jewelry.

So, just in case, I ever have any male suitors that mistake me for "one of those girls"--and by that I mean someone that is a shopaholic and must where only the finer things of life--that's not me. But if you think I have friends that spoil me, that is me!

Sometimes I have a tough time during communion at church because I have lots of memories of my dad, who was a deacon at our church, standing in front of the church going through the Lord's Supper. And also, I'm thinking of Jesus and what that means in my life and the amazing gift of grace.

Yesterday, after we took the bread element, I prepared to take the wine element (or in Baptist world, grape juice), and fumbled on the play--which resulted in experiencing the elements on my dress.

So now, in addtion to thinking about my dad and Jesus during communion, I'm also going to be concentrating on no spillage.