Marriage adds new elements to all parts of life. Modern marriage adds the element of room temperature adjustment. I don't know if Charles and Caroline Ingalls ever argued over temperature. If it was cold, they needed more firewood. If it was hot, all they could do was open their one tiny cabin window with real glass and perhaps the door. But in today's day and age, temperature can be adjusted by specific degrees. And all of us, seem to have our preference of temperature.

I prefer to live out the indoor day on a nice 70 degrees. My sleeping temperature preference is a cool 68 degrees. My husband and I can mostly agree on the day time temperature (of course, most of that time we are at work), but for sleeping temperature, he prefers a warm 72. We've made an adjustment to about 70. Although I sneak it down an extra degree after I noticed he has set it up a degree or two. He usually notices.

If my temperature is off by just a couple of degrees, I wake up with sweat around my hairline. It's really weird. How does my body know the temperature is not my favorite? You'd think if I was sleeping, I would just sleep and not be so picky.

I might develop a match-making website called "Six Degrees of Separation." If a couple was too many degrees different in temperature preference, the relationship would not be a match for the system. In real relationships temperature differences can still work--but effort on behalf of both parties must be instituted such as adding elements like flannel pajamas or a partial bed heating element.

I have not included the sleeping element of a fan (ceiling or boxed) because that would be an entire additional chapter. But for the record, I do like a small fan for white noise, and a ceiling fan on low during the night.

I made a praise song out of a Backstreet Boys song today. I could not get the song out of my head, so I decided if it wanted to invade my brain and shower time, then it must have a positive purpose.

I don't know the copyright laws for using the tune and changing the words around. I might need to consult Weird Al. However, I really like the praise song.  

"Are you spiritual? yeah-ahh."

I tell ya, it's catchy. I really hope Chris Tomlin doesn't read my blog. He might take my idea.