Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

If you ever doubt that God speaks to people, you could be crazy. Some people may feel crazy or sound crazy when they mention God speaking. You will know when you've had God speak to you because it won't be crazy. It will make sense, and the wisdom will flood your mind and bones and bring a peace or understanding that you didn't have before. It's an amazing blessing to hear from God.

Throughout the summer, I had been feeling more and more stressed as I seemed to absorb everyone else's stress. And the hard part, was that this was stress that wouldn't just disappear. Some of these situations had grabbed my heart and demanded attention.

I like being a refresher to people. I like being an encouragement. But I can only be those things if Jesus Christ is refreshing me through the power of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, I might be able to still perform parts of an old pep rally fight song from high school, but for any other boost, I am toast.

I also had my cousin's illness on my brain. She was struggling with cancer for the fourth time in six years, and the last news I had heard was that she was in a hospice care situation. My father's side of the family seems plagued with cancer. Cancer--or even the possibility of cancer--is not a light burden to carry.

I've been fascinated with some videos called on a website called The realness of the people in the videos about their struggles and their faith hits my heart.

I've been following the life of Brian "Head" Welch since he gave his life to Christ several years ago. The story of how he hit the bottom of bottoms in what might seem to some the top of the world was fascinating. He doesn't look like your traditional Jesus-lover. I watched Brian Welch's video, and really listened to the verse, Matthew 11:28, that he shared as a verse he heard from a friend that caused him to really stop and examine the meaning. He realized that he was weary and burdened and needed rest. He needed Christ in his life to take those burdens and give him freedom.

Immediately after watching the Brian's video, I noticed a piece of folded paper that had slipped out of my bible from a church bulletin. The only sentence on the paper was Matthew 11:28. It was a bit bizarre since I just heard that verse as the theme of the video. I felt like God was calling me to pray for rest for my cousin with cancer. She loved Jesus and needed rest.

The next morning I got a call with the news that my cousin had passed away. You never want to hear news that a loved one has left this life, but I felt peace knowing her body was at complete rest with Jesus. Her burden was finally gone.

I was hurrying to work and on the drive I was half-listening to a message from Tony Evans. My ears perked up when I heard his southern-gospel-style voice emphatical preach out, "Come to ME--all you who are WEARY and HEAVY LADEN--and I will give you REST!"

He told the story about a time when he was struggling as he carried a load of luggage. Someone stopped him and said, "Sir, do you realize those bags have wheels?"

Dr. Evans pointed out that Jesus has to be our wheels. We have heavy loads, but with Jesus as the wheels, they can move!

Then, that verse hit home to my own life. My burdens might not go away--if fact, they might even increase as I prepare for being part of a new church location and re-enter volunteer ministry with Young Life. But Jesus is my wheels. He is the burden carrier. Not me. He asks for my load.

I have been a Christ-follower for years, and for that relationship to be fruitful and have meaning and impact on others around me, I can't just put it on auto-pilot. It's a daily act of recognizing Jesus Christ is my Lord. My life is directed by Christ.

Hearing Matthew 11:28 caused me to hear God's voice. Burdens aren't for me to carry. He asks to carry the burdens. He gives me rest. When I realize, that God has it all, I get the honor and blessing of being arms of compassion and encouragement of Christ. I love it!

Bring it on, and I'll give it over. Jesus, be my wheels.

Yesterday, I checked the Target website before going to shop at the store. I was looking for an alarm/iPod dock. The site was down. Then, when I checked Twitter, I noticed that there were many posts about Missoni previewing at Target. Apparently, the site was crashed over abundant Missoni lovers logging in. Who knew the world was so Missoni loving?

My biggest fear is that the masses are going to be wearing all this Missoni in unrestricted ways. I found a complete list of the offerings on the blog Fashionista.

I admit I would like to have a scarf. But I have the good fashion sense to know that a body-hugging sweater dress in brown, orange, and puce horizontal zigzags would not flatter me--no matter what designer label is represented.

American Missoni consumers: be careful out there.

Clinton and Stacy could have a field day with this.