When you have a Valentine, the whole Valentine's Day thing takes on new meaning. No longer are the red and white hearts an annoyance--the whole day was more about reflection. It was also about thankfulness.

My thankfulness wasn't just for the my special sweetheart; it was also for all the other people in my life that love me. All those people have taught me how to love wisely and unconditionally--preparing me to be a better sweetheart.

I also am thankful for all the examples I see of love--for family, friends, and marriages. And for the ultimate sacrificial love of Jesus. Without his love, I would drain my sweetheart and everyone else in my life dry trying to be filled. Only the love of Christ can truly fill and complete and bring peace.

I am loved! And so are you!

and there is a ring on my finger! I am very happy to announce my engagment to Paul Dawson, Jr.!

He is the love of my life and joy of my heart--2nd place to Jesus, of course! :)

I am a very unique person, and I didn't know that it was possible for me to find a match. But at 30 and some change (not saying how much change)--I was shown that nothing is impossible with God.