I kind of wish I had one of those circle stickers with the number inside on the back of my car. But instead of the miles I ran, it would be my commuting miles. I think it would help people driving with me on the highway to be more compassionate to me and one another.

"Oh. Look at that guy! He's a 54.6 miler! Go ahead and let him in. Even without the signal!"

The Bridezilla part is a joke. :)

But sometimes it does feel like being a bride-to-be is overwhelming. Whatever. Bring it on!!

My goal is to be married to Paul. We might not be able to have the perfect ice sculpture or balloon artist at the wedding, but the most important part of the wedding has been promised--a groom who loves the Lord.

We have been so blessed over the last couple of months of engagement. We've had so many congratulations and so many good wishes and even prayers prayed over us. I've heard stories of people that jumped up and down and cried when they heard the news! Even in Kenya! That touches my heart very deeply.

It is a very exciting time. I've been trying to stay very ingrained in the Bible understanding the true meaning of a bride and also understanding how God is a god of details, and also grace.

Since the meeting, dating, and engagement have all happened semi-quickly (it depends on the time-keeper's perspective), we've had to have a quick shift of perspective. When I see bride-to-be items, I say, "Why, hey! That's me!"

I'm very excited about our special day, but I am also very excited about my life married to Paul. We're also soaking up each of these days of preparation as we continue to make ready our hearts and minds and lives. It can be a bunch to do. But it's a sweet, sweet task.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and for the encouragement.