I've been in sabbatical mode for about three and a half months now--or some may call it "loss of job." It's all about perspective. 

During this time, I've been doing a ton of self-discovery (we cancelled cable which provides an outlet for that). I figured out that even when I have time to do all the things on my list, I probably still won't do them. Some things are just not fun to do. 
  • I need to change my name on my car title.
  • I need to go to the recycling center.
  • I need to clean out the closets for the third time--this time being honest about what doesn't fit.
  • I need to put the dishes I use the most on the lower cabinet so I don't break them getting them down.
But...I haven't done those things yet. 

When you lose your job, it's a mix of elation and depression. You have all the time in the world! ...and you have all the time in the world...  

Honestly, during the holidays, I did some job searching, but kept it to a minimum to just relax and recharge with family and friends. I am a much nicer person these days! Now, the clock is ticking for new employment, so I'm trying to keep up my weekly website perusing, resume uploading, and lunches with people I haven't seen in a billion years (I have a list). Since my husband nor I are independently wealthy, I'll keep searching and interviewing and high-fiving. 

Searching for a job is much easier than searching for a husband, and I lived that out for 38 years. The only way it worked out was when God orchestrated events, and that's how my life has been. I trust that in the situation of this moment, it's going to be the same turn of events. 

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